Trail Talk with Senator Amy Klobuchar

Trail Talk with Senator Amy Klobuchar

No stranger to life on the campaign trail, two term Democratic Senator from Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar, spoke to Trail Talk during a special gathering of Washington Women Technology Network.


Senator Klobuchar spoke frankly about the challenges facing women running for political office, especially when it comes to raising money in what has traditionally been a man’s world. She also shared stories about balancing life in the U.S. Senate with raising a teenage daughter and moving her family to Washington, D.C.


Getting a big laugh from the women in attendance, Senator Klobuchar described how her daughter Abigail coined the term “submarine mom” (vs. “helicopter mom”) to describe her parenting style: “Lurking below the surface and coming up unexpectedly.”


And since the previous evening’s CNN debate featuring Republican presidential hopefuls was the talk of the afternoon, Senator Klobuchar weighed in on the GOP field, Donald Trump, and her own party’s nomination battle between Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.


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